A glow with benefits

Powerfully versatile clean skincare

Get the glow of an oil with the long-term benefits of a serum.

Nourish and strengthen your skin.


Powerfully clean, radically fragrance-free, DUALIST is packed with botanical oils and potent actives to keep your skin glowing and strong.


For us, this means products formulated with only skin-benefiting ingredients. This is why we’ve chosen to be completely free of fragrance, leaving you with a deeply nourishing, skin-balancing formula.

DUALIST Balancing Oil-Serum is also SLS, phthalate, silicon, and paraben-free.

DUALIST Balancing Oil-Serum is crafted from moisturizing oils and hydrating actives to nurture and fortify your skin, leaving you with an all-day glow. Every ingredient has been intentionally selected to serve a distinct skincare purpose.

Please click here for a complete ingredient list.

DUALIST Balancing Oil-Serum is a true multitasker and can serve many purposes within your skincare routine, depending on your needs, including as:

A MOISTURIZER | Your all-in-one AM and PM skincare that deeply moisturizes for smooth, supple skin 
A SERUM  | Apply after cleansing and before a heavier cream to strengthen the skin barrier and deliver serious hydration
  |  Can be used post-microneedling, dermaplaning, or potent acne-fighting treatments to calm and soothe sensitive skin
A BASE FOR GUA SHA |  Provides excellent glide for face sculpting tools while delivering skin-firming goodness
A HIGHLIGHTER WITH BENEFITS  |  Tap DUALIST on over or under makeup for a skincare-infused gorgeous glow

Absolutely. We also donate $1 from every bottle purchased to Humane Society International to help fight against animal testing.

DUALIST does not accept returns or exchanges.

If you have placed an order by mistake, please contact us at info@thedualist.com immediately and we will try to make it right.


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